New at Lifetime Veterinary Care!

Acupuncture now available!

We now offer acupuncture treatments for pets! Acupuncture can be a very good adjunct treatment for several conditions that affect pets. It can work very well in helping to treat disc disease, traumatic nerve injury, muscular disease, as well as arthritis and chronic pain.

Health Care Programs

We now offer Lifetime Care Programs for your pet. These programs are a series of preventative pet health services bundled at a cost savings. All of our Lifetime Care programs included all annual vaccinations, annual testing (stool sample, heartworm testing and urinalysis), and consultations on nutrition, behavior and weight. Our programs also include your pet's annual physical examination, a six month follow up wellness exam and any other exams needed during regular business hours during the program year. We offer this because you should never have to question whether your pet should see our doctor. We want to remove any barriers that would keep your pet from receiving the care it deserves. The earlier we detect a problem, the better we can treat it.

Our Goal

At Lifetime Veterinary Care, we want to be your pet’s health care provider, and our goal is to build relationships with pet owners that last a lifetime. We are a general practice that provides primary veterinary healthcare. If you would like more information about our practice or have any questions or comments, please e-mail or call us at your convenience.

We are humbled and honored that you trust us to provide healthcare for your pets that are treasured family members, and we work hard to continue to deserve your trust and confidence. We are all pet owners and we love our pets just as you do. We will treat your pet like it is ours.


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