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Examination Room

Exam dogWe offer four quiet and comfortable examination rooms during your visit.










Our pharmacy is the central hub of the hospital. It is connected to the examination rooms, the treatment, ICU and laboratory are, as well as the reception area. Not only do we dispense medications here, we also analyze some types of samples here as well.

Our pharmacy provides a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, shampoos and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We will mail your prescription refills if desired. If your pet needs special medications, these can be ordered and delivered rapidly.





Radiology & Surgery

RadiologyRadiographs (commonly called x-rays) allow us to look at certain types of changes inside your pet's body, and are a very important diagnostic tool when your pet is sick. X-rays are useful in diagnosing broken bones, bladder stones, spinal cord injuries where there is disc rupture, diagnosing heart and lung disease, diagnosing some types of stomach and intestinal problems like swallowed foreign objects and certain types of tumors. When x-rays are inconclusive, it may be useful to have an ultrasound performed for a more accurate diagnosis.

SurgeryDuring surgery, pets are monitored very closely with machines that monitor their heartrates and blood oxygen levels. Pets are also given intravenous fluids during surgery to ensure their blood pressure is maintained. The surgery table is heated to maintain your pet's body temperature.





LaboratoryWe have an in-house comprehensive laboratory that is able to give us results in a very short period of time, enabling us to diagnose illness very quickly and start treatment as early as possible.

We have the ability to analyze serum chemistries, hematology, serology, urinalysis and parasite testing. We also utilize commercial and university "send-out" veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.


We do many things in our treatment area. This is our main work area, and it is where we start treatment on ill pets. In this area, we might take some blood samples, take care of a skin infection by clipping and cleaning the wound, or we might start a sick pet on intravenous fluids by putting a catheter in the pets' leg vein. The treatment area is also where pets' have their teeth cleaned.

Treatment Treatment

Intensive Care Unit

For sick pets that have to to be hospitalized, we have the ICU ward. Pets in this area are monitored very closely.
Sick pet