What People Tell Us

3:45pm on Tuesday was probably the worst appointment of my life. My baby girl Lucy in my arms walking through your doors. I stopped before I walked in, looked at my girlfriend and said....... I can't do this. Tears running down my face. At one time an 80 pound, healthy black Lab, now a 40 pound limp, diabetic, blind sack of potatoes in my arms. A couple days before she was walking, but not Tuesday. Several years of diabetes, blindness, and I think she finally hit the wall. It was time to go to Rainbows Bridge.

I cannot say enough about Kate.... who took my call at probably 9:10 Tuesday morning. Polite, kind, compassionate..... on the worst day of my life. Kate... keep that quality..... I will forever be your friend.

Little did Kate know, I went to my Mom's funeral a month ago.... and now my baby girl Lucy.... that black and gray fuzzy face I held in my hands when I cried about the loss of my Mom. She was doing somewhat OK Sunday, but when Monday hit, she went downhill fast. Monday night she just fell apart..... Tuesday she crawled under a bush in the woods.... and I knew she was done. Insulin was not going to fix this.... I just knew. And I needed to do something. I mowed the lawn so I didn't have to hear her cries of pain. It was a bad day. I had always done anything for her, but I just knew she was sick and tired.... of being sick and tired. Would have preferred the appointment was at 9:45 instead of 3:45 for Lucy's sake.

Dr...... I cannot thank you enough. Don't remember your name... it was a very sad time for me. Told myself I would keep it together as I had done in June for my Mom..... but I didn't. Not much of an exam required......you told me I was making the right decision. One I should have made a week earlier. Not too many questions.... not too much idle chit-chat. You knew it was her time. You also said, she was obviously very much loved. That is an understatement. Lucy was my best friend for 8 or 9 years. The first shot you gave her to relax was the most peaceful I had seen her in 48 hours......

And you gave me some time. Granted, Lucy and I shared a lot of tears Monday night, I did get the chance to hold her head Tuesday and let her know how much I loved her and would miss her. Foreheads to foreheads...... going to miss you baby girl and will love you forever.

Almost stopped in today to shake your hand. You did well.... as did Kate and the girl I don't remember the name of. She knew I was not happy and just gave me the look of reassurance. So you have a very good staff.

Lucy has a Brother..... George. He will be coming to see you. I'm done with Haven Animal Hospital..... they were too busy to deal with Lucy on Tuesday.

Thanks Doc and Staff........ I will pop in and shake your hands soon.

John Walenta - Sherry David - Lucy

PS: 26 comments about Lucy on Facebook since Tuesday. My last comment tonight was....... "The other black face...... that would be George, is starting to snap out of his funk. He got a cheeseburger hot off the grill for dinner last night, and a trip to the salon on my deck. Tonight we went for an R-I-D-E with his head out the window at 60 MPH....... tail wagging the whole time. Even the cat is being nicer than normal to him.... which is very odd to see. The only reason I got George was to keep Lucy company, and he did a great job of that for 3-1/2 years...... so he deserves to be a little spoiled. Still amazes me how attached you get to these little furry things! Have you hugged your dog today??" PSS: Photo of Lucy in her pre-diabetes days..... she was such a beautiful dog with such a kind spirit.

Dear Doctor Jackson,
I'm writing to thank you very, very, very much for helping my friend Judy Bisson with her dog Smoky last Sunday Sept. 19. My friend was so upset we didn't know what to do or where to go. You went out of your way to help a nonpatient. I appreciate all your efforts to help Smoky, unfortunately she was so sick and passed away. It was such a sad moment for us and probably was best she died at your office.

All my gratitude, Jamie Rice

Dear Doc Pete,
Thank you so much for helping with our Rescue Baby. To put her to rest in a peaceful way...All animals are our babies. Thanks again for your kind heart with all creatures.

Mike and Tina Murphy

Dr. Jackson,
Zeke and I want to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into the care you gave Shotzi. Thnanks to you, she was able to have a comfortable life and be a joy for us an the grandchildren. Its so nice to know there are vets like you to care for our pets because you also love animals like we do. Agaain, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Rodriguez

Dr. Jackson and Staff
Troy and I would like to thank you for all the care you gave to Barry in the last year and a half. He was a wonderful dog. He always loved coming to see everyone! Your kindness and thoughtfulness as we had to say goodbye will always be remembered. Thank you! You are all so wonderful.

Troy and Marcie Klinge

Dr. Pete,Laura, Kate and Anita,
Thank you so much for all you had done for Kaiser during his short time with us. We cannot express the depth of our appreciation towards your care and comfort to Kaiser. Thanks again for everything. We could not have made it thru this difficult time without your wonderful team of caring, compassionate people.

Sincerely, Jack and Colleen Willits

Dr. Pete,Laura, Kate and Anita,
True friends are hard to find, especially in a time of grief. We value and appreciate you being there for us in our loss of Earl. Words are not enough to thank you for all that you've done for us and our boys over the years. Thank you for the MSU donation on Earl's behalf. It will put us one step closer to cures for our beloved best friends.

Love, Jan, Don, Archibald and Charlie

Dr. Jackson,
Just wanted to thank you for making a contribution to the Companion Animal Fund in memory of Megan. It was very thoughtful of you. Also thank you and your staff for being so compassionate and thoughtful.

Sincerly, Susan Wieshaar

Dr. Jackson:
Thank you for your contribution to the Companion Animal Fund in memory of Blue. What a great gesture for your patients! P.S. French Bulldog coming soon!

Thanks again. Mike Schindlbeck and Judy Happeny

Dr. Pete, Kate and Anita,
Thank you just doesn't seem to convey how truly grateful we are for your skill, expertise, gentleness, kindness, compassion and understanding. Thank youfrom the bottom of our hearts. God Bless You- Many Hugs. Lexie says that although she was pretty scared, she's not so "yucky" feeling anymore-it's nice to be able to sleep with Momma again. Parker says "Thank you for helping her sister, she can't wait 'til Lexie is well enough to want to play"

Tina and John Rozanc, Lexie and Parker

Dr . Jackson and Staff,
A small gesture of thanks for kindness, compassion and your caring. I simply can't thank you enough. Lexie and Parker are doing much better, we feel so blessed to be in such capable hands. God Bless You!

Tina and John Rozanc

Dr. Jackson, Thank you for calling my mom on Saturday. I'm always getting into trouble. This time it was anti-freeze. You helped out a lot. My mom said you will probably be meeting me soon, she will be calling your office. Thank you again there are people out there that care.

"Daffy" Musial and my mom (Jill) P.S. The test was negative!!

Dr. Jackson, I just wanted to write a short note to thank you and all your staff for your devotion and attention to my special friend. You are all truly dedicated professionals that really do care. I appreciate all the things you did to care for Whiskey to help his quality of life.

Thanks, Tim Berlin

Dear Dr. Jackson and Staff,
We just wanted to send a card to let you know how thankful we are to you for coming out to our home and putting our Shammy out of her pain. Although we never met, you made us feel so at ease about the situation. We could not have asked for a more peaceful death for our Shammy. The girls in the office were so helpful and compassionate-you all truly helped make an unbearable situation a little more bearable.

Thank you again so much. We are in the process of searching for a new pet to love and look forward to Dr. Jackson being our pet's new vet!

Chad, Jill and Abby Galombeck

Dr . Jackson and Staff,
Thank you for your donation on Frosti's behalf. We really miss her daily, but know she's with Stacie now. We just want to thank you for all your warm loving care. We still will be recommending you to our customers.

Thanks again, The Cheadle Family and Tun-dra

Dr. Jackson and Staff,
Thank you very much for seeing Ginger on an emergency basis a couple of weeks ago. She's doing great--acting as if nothing happened! Merry Christmas!!

The Corgan-Hatfields

Dr. Pete, Kate, Laura, Anita and DeNora,
Thank you so much for the card you sent us and for the donation to MSU's Companion Animal Fund in Scout's name. We miss Scout everyday. It has helped us a lot to know that you were thinking of him and us. Please just keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you, Dennis, Penny, Trouble, Oingo and Boingo

Dr. Pete, Laura, Kate and DeNora,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Misha throughout her short life. You all went "above and beyond" the call of duty for her. It sure is nice to know that there is someone to answer my questions at any time! Thank you also for making a donation to Michigan State University (Companion Animal Fund) in Misha's name. I hope someday they can find a cure for the cardiomyopathy that cut Misha's life so short. You are all greatly appreciated.

The Bensinger Family

Dear Doc Pete,
Mike and I recieved a letter from MSU. I can't thank you enough...if there is anything I can do to help you, like be a foster mom for a small dog please let me know. We are so glad that there are wonderful, animal loving people in this world such as all of you.

Thanks again, Mike and Tina Murphy

Thank you for helping us earn our PetCare Badge. We really enjoyed our visit and learned a lot from you.

Allendale Girl Scout Troop 2061:
Kelsey, Courtney, Molly, Angela, Natalie,
Heather, Shelbi, Kie, and Mrs. LaBreague

Thank you for the donation to the Companion Animal Fund in Gracie's name. If a puppy ever follows us home we will be over. Thank you for everything, its a little hard right now but the hurt will go away.

Carl and Maureen Hogan, Coopersville

Thank you for the concern; for everything you did for us. Thank you so much for going the extra mile in trying to save Deputi. It meant a lot to us.

Paul and Melissa

Dr. Pete, Laura and Kate-
Just a note to say thanks for helping me handle the last days and final transition with Sammy. I feel very at peace and appreciate all your support and reassurance. And what a wonderful gesture to make a donation to the Companion Animal Fund at MSU! Your Animal Medical Center is such a warm and friendly place to come- even in a time off loss. Thanks to all of you for all of the wonderful work you do taking such great care of pets-and their owners!

Sincerely- Julie Walsh

As printed in the Grand Haven Tribune on Friday May 4th, 2007 in the Darts & Flowers:

To Dr. Peter Jackson, of the Animal Medical Center on M-104, for his emergency treatment on Sunday afternoon for our dog Kirby after he was bitten by another dog. We are thankful he is our dog's vet and is available after clinic hours for emergencies. Kirby's previous vet does not provided after hours care and would have required us to drive to Grand Rapids for treatment as many vets do.

Lori Lackey, Spring Lake

Dear Dr. Jackson & Staff-
Thank you so much for saving Jake. We're going to you from now on. Never met such a nice & caring Doctor and staff.

Love, Tom and Lori and Family ... and Jake

Dear Dr. Jackson and Staff
I appreciate your help, care and kindness that you gave to Toby and I. It made the situation a little less painful. I miss him deeply but I have wonderful memories. Also, thank you for the contribution to the Companion Animal Fund in Toby's name.

God Bless all of you, Noreen

Dr. Jackson,
Thank you for helping Smokey and Nell last Sunday. If not for your knowlege, kindness and generosity of your personal time, I doubt they would be home tonight. Thank you for saving Smokey and Nell.

Sincerely, Renee

Dear Dr. Jackson and Staff
Thanks so much for all your help with Cody & also the contribution to MSU in his name. Of course I still miss him terribly. He can never be replaced.

Evelyn and Rob

Dr. Jackson and Staff
Thank you for thinking of us after the loss of Cocoa. Your card was kind enough, but we were especially touched by your gift to Michigan State University. Losing Cocoa was really difficult but your kindness was greatly appreciated.


Dr. Jackson,
We recently recieved a letter from the Michigan State University Veterinary School saying that you made a contribution in honor of Chloe. This act of kindness touched our hearts greatly. We want to say thank you. We also want to thank you and Kate for the card. You both saw that Chloe was more than a dog. She was a member of the family. Thank you for all you've done.

The Wierengo Family