Ask a Question

If you would like to ask a question, please see our Contact Us page for information how to send us an email.

Do you offer grooming?

We do not presently offer grooming, but we can give you a list of groomers that many of our clients use and are very happy with. For those who want to bathe their pets, we do carry an assortment of shampoos and conditioners.

Do you offer boarding?

We do not board pets at the present time. We also have information on in-house pet sitters, who will see to your pets' care while in the comfort of their own home. We can also provide names of kennels and boarding facilities.

Do you see birds, snakes, turtles, or other exotic pets?

Yes, we do. Many times problems with exotic pets are related to husbandry and care issues, and are therefore very common problems. Often we can get a history of the pet's problem and information from you on the type of care the pet receives and be able to determine the problem. However, we are not exotic specialists, and we will refer you to a veterinarian who is a specialist if we are not able to help your exotic pet.

I just want a rabies vaccination for my dog, nothing else. How much is that?

Our main concern is with your pet's health, and so we do not do vaccinations without a yearly or bi-annual exam. Unknown medical conditions can cause serious complications, even with something as routine as a vaccination. We would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other preventive health measures that are in your pet's best interest, above and beyond what is required by law. Please see our pet health schedules for more details. Our goal is to ensure a long, healthy life for your pet and we encourage you to become a partner with us in this endeavor.

Do I have to pay when I come in?

Please see our Financial Policy page.