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Answers to common questions on our care programs

•The traditional way...Ala Carte Care services.
•pets are brought into the veterinarian’s office for a specific list of tests or vaccines
•pet owners decide if all or only some of the tests or vaccines were done
•sometimes the decision was based on cost
•sometimes the decision was based on the owner’s perceived need of the service
(A common example is when the pet owner decides not to have a stool sample checked for parasites because they have not seen any worms in the stool at home. When in reality, a person will almost never see worms in the stool even though your pet may have a severe infestation.)


•What are the advantages and disadvantages of ala carte plans?
•There is really nothing bad about this type of care as long as your pet receives the health care tests or procedures recommended.
•advantages: you only pay for the services you use
•oftentimes people wait until the pet gets “sick enough” to warrant being brought in.  By not bringing the pet in early in a sickness, oftentimes the sickness gets worse, and more expensive to treat.
•pets are routinely examined once per year. (Because pets age so much faster than people, they should have routine physical exams twice yearly)


•What alternatives to this care are there?
We offer our Lifetime Care Programs as an alternative to this.


•What exactly are Lifetime Care Programs?
In a nutshell, these programs are for people who want to do the right thing for their pet and be rewarded with peace of mind for doing so. In contrast to ala carte services, Lifetime Care Programs are a pre-set of bundled services based on the needs of the pet. For example, most indoor dogs of the same age group have the same type of basic care needs. These needed services are bundled into a program at for the pet owner to encourage compliance. Our goal is that pets get the care that they need. We have programs for both indoor and outdoor pets, senior pets and pets that need preventive care including their teeth cleaned. We also have puppy and kitten programs.


•What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lifetime Care Programs?
The benefits of our programs are:
•you don’t have to wait until your pet is “sick enough” to warrant having your pet being examined by our doctor. If your pet is on a program, all office visits during regular office hours are included in the price of the program price. You only pay for services performed and any medications that are dispensed.
•when pets are sick, the most common tests we perform are blood tests and x-rays. For pets on our programs we give discounts on these selected services.
•heartworm medications are included in the program for dogs, which increases compliance
•instead of seeing our doctor once a year, there are two scheduled physical examinations per year. This is the same as a person seeing the doctor every 3.5 years
•core vaccines are given
•basic preventive lab tests are included


•Is this the same as pet insurance?
No, our Lifetime Care Programs are not pet insurance. Our programs are simply a set of prepackaged health care services that come with some very good advantages to make sure pets have access to health care.


•Are Lifetime Care Programs right for my pet and me?
If you want to do the right thing for your pet, then yes, our programs are right for you and your pet. Our programs might not be right for people who are used to selecting only the services they feel are needed.


Our Lifetime Care Programs

Descriptions of our Lifetime Care Programs are listed below. If you do have any questions, please call us or e-mail us at:

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