We stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for everything we sell. If you are not pleased, you may return it for a full refund.

We sell Hill's Presciption Diet We sell Purina Veterinary Diets We sell Eukanuba Veterinary Diets

Prescription Diets: these foods are guaranteed. If your pet doesn’t like them, we will buy them back. We carry Prescipiton Diet®, Eukanuba® and Purina® foods. We do not stock every diet by every company, however we can special order anything that we do not have. We only carry foods designed for medical problems.


Natura pet foods, inclulding:

Healthwise logoHealthwise is a value priced premium food for dogs and cats that doesn't contain protein fillers, unnamed ingredients, corn or soybean meal or anything artificial.


InnovaInnova was the first true "holoistic" health food for pets and uses whole, farm fresh ingredients from 5 food groups-meat, diary, vegetables, fruit and grain, plus fats and oils.


Cal NaturalCalifornia Natural offers complete and balanced nutrition in its most pristine form. It's more than a food for pets, it's a nutritionally superior recipe that uses the fewest possible ingredients. Pets that have sensitive digestive systems or allergies to certain ingredients can really benefit from eating California Natural.


EVOEVO is Natura's low carb, grain free dog and cat food for those pets that require a high protein diet with low carbohydrates.


We sell Lupine leashed and collarsLupine® leashes and collars: We love these leashes and collars and think you will too! Lupine offers a lifetime warranty on leashes and collars, even if your pet chews the leash, it will be replaced free of charge. Mail the damaged product back to Lupine and they mail you a brand new one.


We sell Novartis productsSentinel® brand heartworm/flea preventive pills by Novartis.



Revolution for catsRevolution® for cats for prevention of heartworm disease, flea control, ear mite control, and control of some intestinal parasites.



Gentle Leader behavior products.

Complete pharmacy for your pets needs.